Welcome to DeepCat Design and AllScaleModel comprehensive visual presentation. The passage of time has brought with it new and revived styles of innovative tools and techniques for commercial representation. The exciting technological developments of today are placed in context with the rich heritage of the past. It offer an almost real experience of the intended concept and design. Both cutting-edge rendered 3D and scaled model are the great effective communication tool between designer and those involved in planning and constructing stages.

We produce 3D animation, artist impression and scaled model as a powerful tools for our customers to present their designs and concept for their clients and the public. Besides, visual presentation also employed for analysis purpose in prototype stage.

Visual Presentation allow your target customer stop by and visit your showcase of Sales Center and roadshow, where a virtual tour of layout plan and design concept presentation with artist impression, cutting-edge 3D animation and scaled model.

This is the best thing to present your idea and concept. Until the models open, it gives buyers a much clearer idea of their unique design features than they would ever be able to get from looking at conventional two-dimensional printed brochures.

Deepcat Visual Presentation introduces a new marketing solution for the pre-sales phase. Our one stop service of visual presentation gives an almost real experience of your intended concept and design to the potential buyers.

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